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We are proud to partner with American Bone Health for our National Philanthropy - Osteoporosis Awareness.


Our collaboration with American Bone Health will raise much-needed funds, engage new audiences, provide opportunities to support American Bone Health in the long term, and help alert others about risk factors and preventative measures. We take our philanthropic responsibility seriously. Rather than simply writing a check, we want to build an ongoing partnership that will continue to deliver tangible benefits to communities across the nation.

Our sisters are trained peer educators conducting a number of outreach programs from screenings to workshops for local communities to advocate for living a healthy lifestyle, staying active, and eating more foods with calcium and vitamin D. By doing these preventative measures, individuals may reduce the chance of developing osteoporosis as they grow older - a common disease women, particularly Asian women, have higher risks of developing.


More Information About Osteoporosis


The sisters of the Rho Chapter of Delta Phi Lambda are proud to announce our partnership with Red Canary Song as our chapter philanthropy.

Red Canary Song is a grassroots organization founded in Flushing, NYC that supports labor rights for Asian and migrant sex workers. They work to decriminalize sex work and provide a labor union for these workers. Their organization first started to honor Yang Song, a massage worker who was a victim of a police raid. They provided legal support and resources for her family. Their mission strives to create change in this work to prevent more deaths and violence towards these workers. Their tenets include ending police raids and deportation, labor rights in workplaces, and respect for sex and migrant workers. 


As Dedicated Female Leaders advocating for Asian awareness, we admire Red Canary Song's work and are excited to support their mission. We will do this by educating ourselves on these issues, raising awareness, and fundraising to help move their efforts forward.

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