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Delta Phi Lambda Sorority, Inc


Delta Phi Lambda Sorority, Inc. is a 501(c)(7) non-profit organization that advocates Asian awareness and empowers women to lead through values-based programs and everlasting sisterhood. Delta Phi Lambda's national philanthropy is osteoporosis education and prevention, emphasizing the importance of promoting healthy lifestyles and behavior in young women. Founded in 1998, Delta Phi Lambda Sorority, Inc. has grown to 21 undergraduate chapters in 13 states spanning the Southeast, Northeast, and the Midwest. 

Meet Our Newest Sisters

Fall 2019 | Zeta Class| Nostaglic Nine

#23 Cindy 'Espeon' Lam

#24 Melanie 'Séarlit' Tirado

#25 Bernadette 'Shinju' Bui

#26 Miranda 'Aphelion' Zhang

#27 Geena 'Engimono' Kwon

#28 Jessica 'TykTok' Tang

#29 Anh Thy 'Clairvoyant' Pham

#30 Maddie 'Nightrise' Sidmore

#31 Emily 'Entei' Chan

AME: #12 Jennifer 'trüvaille' Luo

AAME: #17 Thu 'Cygnus' Vu & #19 Karina 'Legion' Zhao


Welcome to Everlasting Sisterhood®

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