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Executive Board


Chair Positions

spring 2020


Jennifer 'trüvaille' Luo

VP of Internal Affairs

Megan 'Atomic' Go

VP of External Affairs

Lena 'Arcana' Zhang

VP of Finance

Karina 'Legion' Zhao

VP of Records

Jisoo 'Terra' Kim


Academic Chairs

Cathy 'Accolade' Yan |

Maddie 'Nightrise' Sidmore |

Alumnae Chair

Lena 'Arcana' Zhang |​

Fundraising Chair

Cindy 'Espeon' Lam |​


Cathy 'Accolade' Yan |

Jade Times Liaison

Cindy 'Espeon' Lam |​

Performance Director/Stroll Mistress

Anh Thy 'Clairvoyant' Pham |

Philanthropy/Community Service Chairs

Miranda 'Aphelion' Zhang |

Emily 'Entei' Chan |

Policy Chair

Karina 'Legion' Zhao |

Programming/Cultural Chairs

Jessica 'TykTok' Tang |

Emily 'Entei' Chan |

Public Relations Chairs

Megan 'Atomic' Go |

Risk Reduction Chair

Bernadette 'Shinju' Bui |​

Ritual Chair

Miranda 'Aphelion' Zhang ​

Co-Sisterhood Chairs

Maggie 'Calibrate' Cheung |

Bernedette 'Shinju' Bui |

Social Chair

Thu 'Cygnus' Vu |

Web Mistress

Cindy 'Espeon' Lam |

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